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Table 2 Anthropometric outcomes during the course of the study (Mean±SD)

From: Low glycaemic index diets improve glucose tolerance and body weight in women with previous history of gestational diabetes: a six months randomized trial

Outcome LGI CHDR
baseline 3 months 6 months baseline 3 months 6 months
Weight (Kg) 65.3±11.5a 64.6±11.5b 64.0±11.7ab 64.6±12.5 64.7±12.6 64.5±13.0
BMI(kg/m2) 26.4±4.6a 26.0±4.7a 25.8±4.7a 26.3±4.6 26.4±4.7 26.3±4.8
WC (cm) 83.2±8.5 a 83.0±10.4b 80.5±9.1ab 82.7±9.6 a 82.5±10.8 81.5±10.1a
WHR 0.81±0.06a 0.80 ±0.06 0.79 ±0.05a 0.80±0.05 0.80±0.05 0.79±0.05
  1. Legend: LGI Low GI Group, CHDR Conventional healthy Dietary Recommendation Group, BMI Body mass index, WC waist circumference WHR waist hip ratio.
  2. For each group, values in a row with similar alphabetical superscripts show significantly different means in paired tests.