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Table 3 The 116 successful tests

From: Double-blind placebo-controlled food challenges in children with alleged cow’s milk allergy: prevention of unnecessary elimination diets and determination of eliciting doses

Reaction Children Conclusion Reintroduction
  Number Percentage   
No reaction to both feedings 55 47 No CMA A: 49
B: 2
C: 2
D: 1
E: 1
Comparable reaction after both feedings 4 3 No CMA A: 2
C: 1
D: 1
Acute reaction after placebo feeding (vomiting) 1 1 No CMA A: 1
Late reaction after placebo feeding 14 12 No CMA A: 8
D: 5
E: 1
Acute and late reaction after placebo feeding 2 2 No CMA D: 2
Objective acute reaction after placebo feeding alone 2 2 CMA; interpreted as accidentally exchanged placebo and verum feedings by treating physician  
Acute reaction after verum feeding 12 10 CMA  
Late reaction after verum feeding 15 13 CMA  
Acute and late reaction after verum feeding 11 10 CMA  
  1. CMA, cow’s milk allergy; A, successful reintroduction; B, parents refused to reintroduce cow’s milk; C, reintroduction stopped without medical advice; D, reintroduction stopped with medical advice; E: no information available on reintroduction.