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Table 3 Participants’ comments on the two diets

From: Subjective satiety and other experiences of a Paleolithic diet compared to a diabetes diet in patients with type 2 diabetes

  Diabetes diet Paleolithic diet P*
Positive 17 16 0.8
Negative 4 3 0.7
P** 0.03 0.01  
Tasteless 1 4 0.2
Improved blood sugar 0 3 0.08
Satiating 0 5 0.06
Lose body weight 2 10 0.02
Difficulty adhering to 4 13 0.02
  1. All participants answered the same three open-ended questions in a survey following each diet: “What thoughts do you have about this diet?”, “Describe your positive and negative experiences with this diet” and “How do you think this diet has affected your health?” Seven common types of answers were recognized and their frequencies determined; positive, negative, tasteless, improved blood sugar, satiating, lose body weight and difficult adhering to. P* related-samples Wilcoxon signed rank test on number of comments on each diet. P** related-samples Wilcoxon signed rank test on number of positive and negative comments on diabetes diet and Paleolithic diet, respectively.