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Table 2 Unadjusted and adjusted Odds Ratio for obesity according to type of delivery in Ribeirao Preto and Sao Luis, Brazil

From: Cesarean section and increased body mass index in school children: two cohort studies from distinct socioeconomic background areas in Brazil

  Ribeirao Preto Sao Luis
Variable Unadjusted OR Adjusted OR Unadjusted OR Adjusted OR
(95% CI) (95% CI) (95% CI) (95% CI)
Type of delivery     
Vaginal 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Cesarean 1.72 (1.08 to 2.74) 1.74 (1.04 to 2.92) 2.44 (0.84 to 7.16) 1.66 (0.44 to 6.33)
  1. OR, Odds ratio; CI, Confidence interval.
  2. Models adjusted for maternal schooling (collected at delivery and follow up), maternal smoking during pregnancy, duration of breastfeeding, newborn gender, birth weight and gestational age, type of school and, only in Sao Luis, pre-pregnancy maternal weight.