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Table 1 Selected milk-derived miRs and their potential impact on metabolism

From: Milk is not just food but most likely a genetic transfection system activating mTORC1 signaling for postnatal growth

Milk-derived miR Ref. miR function in metabolism Ref.
miR-21 50 miR-21: Inhibition of various tumor suppressor gene mRNAs (PTEN, Spouty1, Sprouty2, PDCD4) [6372, 75]
Increased adipogenesis [100102]
miR-29a 54 miR-29a: Down-regulation of Insig-1 with increased lipogenesis and adipocyte differentiation [106]
[107, 108]
miR-29b 51 miR-29b: Reduction of BCKD and reduced BCAA catabolism [111]
miR-103 51 miR-103: Increased adipogenesis [100, 105]
miR-155 51 miR-155: Reduction of brown adipose tissue and thermogenesis [109]
Let-7a, b, c, f 51 Let-7: overexpression results in insulin resistance and disturbed glucose homeostasis [120, 122]