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Table 1 Search strategy used in PUBMED

From: Probiotics, prebiotics infant formula use in preterm or low birth weight infants: a systematic review

1) Search (probiotic* OR prebiotic*) AND (infant formula* OR infant feeding OR formula OR formula milk) AND (preterm or premature or low birth weight babies) AND (randomized controlled trial* OR controlled clinical trial* OR random allocation*) Limits: Human
2) Search (probiotic* infant formula* OR prebiotic* infant formula* OR prebiotic* OR probiotic*) AND (infant formula* OR infant feeding) AND (premature OR preterm) AND (randomized controlled trial* OR controlled clinical trial OR random allocation* OR double blind method OR single-blind method OR clinical trial OR placebo* OR random* OR research design OR comparative study OR follow-up studies OR prospectiv* OR volunteer* OR control* (singl* OR doubl* OR trebl* OR tripl*) NEAR (blind* OR mask*) Limits: Human