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Table 4 Experiential themes identified

From: Participant experiences from chronic administration of a multivitamin versus placebo on subjective health and wellbeing: a double-blind qualitative analysis of a randomised controlled trial

Positive experience Negative effect
Mental/Cognitive Domain Mental/Cognitive Domain
General Mental Benefit Impaired Concentration/Attention
Improved Concentration, Attention &/or Memory Stressed or Anxious
Increased Calmness or Relaxation More Moody and Emotional
Better Mood & Emotional State Physical Domain
Physical Domain Impaired Sleep
General Physical Benefit More Fatigued &/or Drowsy
Improved sleep Poorer Health &/or Immunity
More Energetic &/or Alert Upper Gastrointestinal complaint
Better Health &/or Immunity Indigestion or Nausea
Dermatological Benefit Dermatological Complaint
Increased/Better Appetite Gynaecological Effect
  Weight Gain