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Table 1 Cognitive domains measured by CDR and SUCCAB tests

From: A randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of Pycnogenol and BacopaCDRI08 herbal medicines on cognitive, cardiovascular, and biochemical functioning in cognitively healthy elderly people: the Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention (ARCLI) study protocol (ANZCTR12611000487910)

CDR SUCCAB Hick RT Inspection Time
Simple RT Stroop Colour-Word Simple Decision Time Perceptual Speed
Choice RT Spatial Working Memory Simple Movement Time  
Spatial WM Contextual Memory 2 Choice Decision Time  
Numeric WM Immediate/Delayed Recognition 2 Choice Movement Time  
Picture Presentation   4 Choice Decision Time  
Immediate Word Recall   4 Choice Movement Time  
Digit Vigilance   8 Choice Decision Time  
Delayed Word Recall   8 Choice Movement Time  
Word Recognition    
Picture Recognition    
Rapid Visual Information Processing    
  1. CDR = Cognitive Drug Research, SUCCAB = Swinburne University Computerized Cognitive Assessment Battery, RT = Reaction Time, WM = Working Memory