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Table 9 Iron content (mg/kg wet weight) in spices, sugar and baking powder collected in respective counties

From: Iron and zinc content of selected foods in the diet of schoolchildren in Kumi district, east of Uganda: a cross-sectional study

Sample Species Scientific names   Iron
    Kumi Ngora Bukedea Kumi Ngora Bukedea
Sugar   Saccharum officinarum L. 16 36 38 < 1.8* < 1.8* 2
Salt   Sodium chloride 33 n.s 22 2.4 n.s. < 1.8*
Curry Munno Curcama longa L. 1200 n.s. n.s. 30 n.s. n.s.
  Royco Curcama longa L. 62 n.s. n.s. 5 n.s. n.s.
  Tayara Curcama longa L. 1000 n.s. n.s. 70 n.s. n.s.
  Turkey Curcama longa L. n.s. n.s. 800 n.s. n.s. 60
Pilao   Sysygium aromanticum L, Cuminum cyminum L.,
Elettaria cardamomum Maton
160 n.s. n.s. 24 n.s. n.s.
Baking powder   Sodium bicarbonate 10 n.s. n.s. < 1.8* n.s n.s.
  1. The results are given as a mean of two parallel dissolutions.
  2. n.s. No sample was collected.
  3. * Limit of quantification = 1.8 mg/kg dry weight.