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Table 1 Phytochemical and antioxidant capacity analyses of PRB sample per serving size (3.0 fl oz or 90 mL)

From: Acute reduction of serum 8-iso-PGF2-alpha and advanced oxidation protein products in vivo by a polyphenol-rich beverage; a pilot clinical study with phytochemical and in vitro antioxidant characterization

Compound/measurement Amount per serving
Total Anthocyanins 9 mg
Total Polyphenols 360 mg
Total Proanthocyanidins 170 mg
Chlorogenic Acid 225 mg
Ellagic Acid 3 mg
ORAC 10,292 μmole TE
HORAC 31,032 μmole TE
NORAC 643 μmole TE
SORAC 11,430 μmole TE
SOAC 7,457 μmole TE
Total ORAC 60,854 μmole TE
  1. TE = Trolox equivalents