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Table 1 Food list (134 items) and 43 food groups used for computation of dietary patterns

From: Nutrition transition among adolescents of a south-Mediterranean country: dietary patterns, association with socio-economic factors, overweight and blood pressure. A cross-sectional study in Tunisia

Food Groups (43) Food List (134 items of the retrospective food frequency questionnaire)
1-White bread French bread
2-Milk Whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk, condensed & sweetened milk, goat milk
3-Cheese Semi-hard cheese, Emmental cheese, uncured cheese 30%
4-Yogurt Semi-skimmed yogurt
5-Chamia1, nuts, chocolate Chamia, almond nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chocolate bar, hazelnut chocolate, milk chocolate, dried raisin.
6-Sugars Jam, white sugar cubes, white sugar granulated powder, sweets
7-Sweetened beverages Sodas
8-Butter Butter
9-Lamb fat Cooked lamb fat
10-Fruits and fresh fruit juices Dates, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pear, apple, fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice
11-Processed fruits Green olive in brine, ripe olive in brine
12-Eggs Fresh egg, fried egg, boiled egg
13-Fish Broiled mackerel, fried fish, grilled fish
14-Other sea food Boiled cuttlefish, cooked dried octopus
15-Canned fish Canned tuna
16-Lamb Meat Boiled lamb meat, braised lamb meat, grilled lamb meat
17-Beef meat Grilled beef meat, stew beef meat
18-Goat meat Boiled goat meat
19-Beef and lamb offals Boiled beef tripe, boiled beef feet, braised beef liver, boiled lamb brain, boiled lamb heart, boiled lamb kidneys, boiled lamb lungs, boiled lamb sweetbreads, boiled lamb spleen, grilled lamb liver, braised lamb liver
20-Chicken meat Roasted chicken leg meat, fried chicken leg meat
21-Turkey meat Roasted turkey breast, roasted turkey meat
22-Processed turkey meat Cooked turkey salami
23-Olive oil Virgin olive oil
24-Soybean Oil Refined soybean oil
25-Bread, wholemeal Wholemeal bread
26-Couscous, pasta, semoulina Cornstarch, cooked pasta, couscous, cooked pearled barley, dried pearled barley, cooked semolina, dry whole grain wheat
27-Rice Rice
28-Cereal flours Cooked sorghum flour, cooked whole barley flour, cooked hard red wheat flour
29- Dry legumes Boiled mature broad bean, cooked mature chickpeas, dried mature chickpeas (powder), cooked mature kidney beans, boiled lentils
30-Green legumes Cooked fava, cooked broad bean (immature), cooked green peas, cooked green beans
31-Boiled potatoes Boiled potatoes
32-Fried potatoes French fried potatoes
33-Processed vegetables Canned tomato paste
  Canned cooked mixed vegetables
34-Green-yellow vegetables Broiled tomato, cooked carrots, cooked celery, cooked fennel leaf, fresh parsley, boiled tomato, raw tomato, fried tomato, fried green pepper, boiled green pepper, boiled pumpkin, lettuce leaves, cooked Chorocus glinopus, cooked chard, boiled whole beets
35-Other fresh vegetables Cooked cardoon, raw cucumber, boiled turnips, boiled white onion, raw white onions
36-Salt Added salt (iodized)
37-Spices Black pepper, cinnamon powder, coriander seed, cumin seed, curry powder, fennel seed, ground thyme, dried spearmint leaves
38-Other condiments Capers, cider vinegar, brewer's yeast, compressed baker's yeast,
39-Garlic Fresh or cooked garlic
40-Harissa2 Home made harissa, mixed harissa, confectionnary harissa, red pepper powder
41-Tea Tea
42-Coffee Coffee
43-Water Tap water
  1. 1-Chamia: typical oriental sweet preparation of sweetened sesame seeds paste often also including dried fruits or nuts.
  2. 2-Harissa: typical Tunisian very spicy chili preparation.