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Table 2 Predictors of school absenteeism in adolescents in Southwest Ethiopia

From: Food insecurity, school absenteeism and educational attainment of adolescents in Jimma Zone Southwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal study

Predictors of school absenteeism β AORa [95% CIb] P
Adolescent food insecurity    
   Food insecure 0.57 1.77[1.34-2.33] < 0.001
   Food secure [reference]   1.00  
Illness within the last one month before the survey    
   Yes 0.82 2.26[1.68-3.06] < 0.001
   No [reference]   1.00  
Severe household food insecurity    
   Yes 0.48 1.62[1.27-2.06] < 0.001
   No [reference]   1.00  
The highest grade the adolescent aspires to complete -0.08 0.92[0.88-0.96] < 0.001
Number days in a week the adolescent has to work for least 1 hour 0.15 1.16[1.07-1.26] < 0.001
  1. "Semi-urban" refers to small towns including Yebbu, Serbo and Dedo and "urban" refers to Jimma city.
  2. Parameter estimates are adjusted for place of residence, gender of the adolescent, gender of the household head and the tabulated variables.
  3. aAdjusted odds ratios as obtained from a multivariable logistic regression model.
  4. bConfidence intervals, as obtained from a multivariable logistic regression model.