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Table 1 Summary of measures assessed over the study duration.

From: The older people, omega-3, and cognitive health (EPOCH) trial design and methodology: A randomised, double-blind, controlled trial investigating the effect of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids on cognitive ageing and wellbeing in cognitively healthy older adults

Outcome measures and covariates Time points (months)
  ~ -3 0 6 12 18
MMSE x x    x
Cognitive measures   x x x x
Physical activity, functional capacity, and well-being measures   x x x x
Height   x    
Blood pressure, weight   x x x x
Erythrocyte membrane n-3 and n-6 fatty acid status   x x x x
Serum folate and Vitamin B12, and plasma carotenoid levels   x    x
Lipids, glucose, glycated haemoglobin, homocysteine   x    x
Medications, supplement use, adverse events and health changes   x x x x
ApoE genotype   x    
Inflammation (CRP), oxidative stress (MDA), and telomere length   x    x
Dietary data - general FFQ   x    x
Dietary data - n-3 consumption FFQ   x x x x
Dietary data - historical seafood consumption FFQ    x   
  1. Abbreviations: MMSE = Mini-mental state examination; n-3 = omega-3; n-6 = omega-6; FFQ = food frequency questionnaire; ApoE = Apolipoprotein E.