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Table 3 Main actives ingredients of used phytoextracts, their reported beneficial effects and related references

From: Effect of ketogenic mediterranean diet with phytoextracts and low carbohydrates/high-protein meals on weight, cardiovascular risk factors, body composition and diet compliance in Italian council employees

Extract Main Active ingredients Reported beneficial effects Refs
A Mint
black radish
- indigestion
- antioxidant
- choleretic, increases bile secretion helping digestion
B Serenoa Repens (saw palmetto) hormonal regulating effects [71]
  White bean alpha-amylase inhibitory properties and has been reported to aid weight loss and glycemic control [72]
C Equisetum Antioxidant
glycemic control
  Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale diuretic [76]
D Ginseng
Miura Puama
Ameliorate the commonly reported symptoms of weakness and tiredness during the 1st phase of ketosis (1/2 weeks) [77]